Your awakening is important to me.  Get ready to say hello to the new you!

Strom Thomason has experienced spiritual awakening through the many trials and tribulations during his younger years in life. He has gained his belief system and purpose through studying many different religions and spiritual pathways along with watching his friends, family, co-workers, and most notably self overlook the most important aspect of life including love, family, and true self expression. He has found that the largest obstacle in life is ones “self.'" Through life coaching and spiritual counseling, he has found the true art of aiding individuals in “get out of their own way” allowing them find true self-expression and purpose.  His family, wife and children, stand behind his spiritual quest and life’s mission to help those that seek self awareness and awakening.

Strom Thomason
Life Coach
​Spiritual Counselor



He has the most extraordinarily uncanny ability to go straight to the heart of any issue that we may be grappling with.  In his stream-of-consciousness way of counseling, he systematically strips us bare of all our manufactured stories that we cling to ferociously.  With amazing precision, like a surgeon wielding his scalpel, Strom slices through our cancerous beliefs and lays the truth bare.  Once the truth has been revealed, whether we agree with it or not, we are never going to be the same against n.  That is what Strom does.  He facilitates our journey of growth and self-realization in the most compassionate way.  -- Rama