Strom Thomason
Life Coach
​Spiritual Counselor


My name is Strom Thomason and I would like to introduce you to your true self. Allow me to help you out of your box and into a beautiful journey of self-discovery and love... 

Imagine an existence in which you are fully aware of the positivity that is in and around you, an existence rooted in joy, peace and fulfillment. Imagine your everyday anxieties shifted into opportunities. What would you do if the limitations you’ve placed on yourself were suddenly lifted? What if you stopped believing in your short-comings and redirected your energy into loving the intricacies that make you so valuable? 

Too often, we define ourselves by the life we’ve lived, a past-tense series of events. This is your box, a box that you’ve built from life experience, a box you stay safely inside to avoid the hurt of the world. This box is the lie that inhibits us from recognizing the existing joys we long for. Eventually, we start to believe this perfectly-packaged lie and stop seeing the world around us for what it really is. What if you stepped out of the box and began building your self-definition with the beauty and positivity you actively contribute to the world around you? The truth is that every human being is born with purpose and is instrumental in the existence of all that you encounter.

What is it that you specifically long for? Is it finding purpose, passion, love, financial freedom, worthiness? You see, most of us walk 70% in the physical world and only 30% in the spirit. My goal is not to remove you from reality, but shift your walk to 70% spirit and 30% physical. The change in perspective will allow you to live in the truth of what this world is and who you are. I want to help open your mind to the power you have to live in divine purpose and manifest your desires. If this is what you have been searching for, I can assure that you are EXACTLY where you are supposed to be in your journey.